Everybody has to start somewhere…

I miss writing. When I was little, you had to be careful in my vicinity in case I randomly treated you to a poem about hamsters or my own interpretation of a Dalziel and Pascoe episode (hello Year 6 SATs creative writing exercise…). 

Then boys, shopping and alcopops came along and the keyboard began to gather dust unless MSN messenger was involved. I reluctantly resumed key tapping to complete a degree in languages but since then, unless social media or ASOS are involved it’s unlikely I’m tapping anything useful.

Now I’m almost 25 (shudder) and writing is cool again. People are actually making a living from their musings and the ability to fit snippets of said musings into 140 characters every now and then. I think the number one problem with a blog is ‘what will I write about?’. It’s all well and good if you’re into politics or a music genre no-one without a beard has heard of yet or you like testing lip liners, but if you just like stuff it’s a bit trickier.

So I propose to write about stuff in all it’s glory.

The fun stuff, like my favourite new lipstick shades, the perfect gin punch recipe and that 6 minute video of corgis running in slow motion.

The good stuff, like making positive changes in my life, maintaining relationships which only gets harder as we get older and how I’m getting on with my business.

The trickier stuff, like how I sometimes struggle to balance my identity as a British citizen with a rich Ukrainian heritage that fills my life, or how I have struggled with depression since my late teens and am on an ever-winding journey to find ways to keep my spirits up.

Pinches of all that, with a healthy dose of bright photos and words of wisdom from people much wiser than I am.  

I hope that writing down my thoughts, ideas and rambles will help me on my path to loving myself, my life and my path, and if you fancy hopping along or just laughing at some of the downright ridiculous things I get myself into, there’s always space on the journey. 

Ready? x


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