A rough patch

The universe dictates that what goes up must come down, and after the brilliant few months I’ve had recently I was expecting a crash in the happiness index at some point.

I’ve not written much recently purely for the reason that my mind has been at peace and I have been too busy to notice if the peachiness of life has decreased a little at any point.

The Dementors strike without warning though, and this week my seemingly innocent Monday blues turned into a week of being thoroughly down in the dumps – and I tried everything to get rid. Dancing, which is a perfect activity to let off steam through pointed toes and tapping feet; my favourite comfort books and television programmes; planning a busy social calendar over the next few weeks with plenty to look forward to; spending time with people I love…

To not much avail. My sleep went from a reasonable 7-8 hours a night after a little light reading to a broken 5, littered with waking up, bad dreams and the obligatory tossing and turning. In my eyes sleep is the key to feeling happy and healthy, so when you’re already miserable and not meeting your five-a-day quota the removal of decent sleep is paramount to disaster.

When I have a rough patch I try to give it a time limit – if I wake up feeling rubbish on a Monday morning, I tell myself by the time Tuesday comes I will have done everything possible to try and wake up happy again. I try and keep busy to distract myself from feeling blue; I make lists to compact what’s fizzing around my head into colour-coordinated bullet points in the hope they will alleviate the weight on my mind; I try to combat what I’m going through with action, but sometimes even good intentions and a pack of highlighters can’t help. You just need to ride it out.

I feel after five days of struggling to get up in the mornings, sporadic teary moments and endless list making, I am finally on my way out of the little black hole my chemical imbalance has dragged me into this week.

I have learnt on this occassion that making myself super busy might take my mind off the blues temporarily but I am left running on empty. I have learnt that my time is precious and should be spent on the people who bring out the best in me, and not the stress in me – I shouldn’t be worrying about negative people in my life when there are so many wonderful individuals who want what is best for me, because they are where my attention and reciprocation should be going to.

I have learnt that sometimes you just have to mope around a little bit before you feel ready to grab yourself by the collar and shake some good stuff back into life. It’s okay to take a bit of time out and it’s okay to not be doing jazz hands twenty four seven.

I wanted to write this little piece because it can be frustrating and disheartening to have a rough patch – everything is good but for a week you turn everything over in your mind so much that a lovely life can manifest itself into a list of problems and issues that keep you awake all night long and bring you to tears.

Whether you’ve got the Monday blues, or it’s been a bad week, or a rough month, it’s going to be okay. Take time to get your body and mind back to full energy levels; concentrate on the good people in your life and don’t invest so much thought in those bringing you down; eat ice cream and watch Harry Potter if it helps, and it probably will. I am taking a weekend away from my usual life to recharge my batteries and I shall hopefully return with my chirpiness in tact, ready to get back to life.

There will always be storms and although it’s a great skill to be able to dance in the rain, sometimes it’s fine to just wait for it to pass.


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