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Blue sky thinking

Today is a good day.

I normally write when I’m in the depths of despair, but I figured that as much as I use this blog for therapy I should also use it for celebration. This post isn’t a chronicle of surviving another dark day, or an SOS call – it’s just acknowledging that good days happen too.

Yesterday was hard work. Mondays are difficult for most people but I think that’s because for most people Monday represents responsibility. Back to school, back to work, back to getting your head down so you can make enough money /get enough stuff done / tick enough boxes to throw caution to the wind when the weekend comes. I eradicated the horrible Sunday night feeling when I became my own boss, but Monday can still be a tricky one for me. It means back to reality, and even when your reality is a very comfortable one it is still as not much fun as Saturday nights out and lazy Sunday afternoons.

Monday was horrid but I made it through. I took time out to calm myself down, I didn’t beat myself up if I couldn’t do something and I let go. I went to sleep much calmer than I had woken, and despite  a string of horribly miserable Tuesdays I was pleasantly surprised to wake up not feeling like I had a goblin sat on my self esteem.

Blue skies help big time. I am a proud Mancunian and I think the rain can have a romantic quality about it, but it’s still hard work to keep optimistic when life seems to be going downhill and it’s the third day of torrential downpours. Today it feels like spring. It’s still cold and the trees are still bare, but the sky is such a shocking shade of blue it feels like I’ve not seen it cloudless for a long time. Sunshine is definitely medicine on days like today.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still road bumps in my day – working niggles, e-mails that need replying to, plans that need ironing out, decisions to be made. But I don’t feel like I need to hide in a cupboard, nor am I looking at one way flights to Peru and planning to leave my life behind in the dead of the night. Life is not perfect, but today still has it’s loveliness and I am acknowledging that.

I would apologise for writing something quite plain and perhaps even boring, but the feeling of freedom in my ribcage is just too nice for me to not write about. I hope wherever you are that today is treating you well, and if it’s not I hope a bit of blue sky offers some comfort.


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